About The CreateDev

Founder & Owner Cole Paciano was lucky enough to be born and raised in Santa Barbara, aka 'The Bubble'. Living in paradise spawned his passion for all things aesthetically pleasing, and set him on his course, receiving an AA degree in Graphic Design at Santa Barbara City College. After working in the print world, doing magazine page layouts, ads, business cards and other print applications, this peculiar new thing called 'The Internet' came along, and the inner-nerd awoke.

All his free time was spent teaching himself HTML and CSS, then followed JavaScript and Flash. Remember Flash? He opened his own shop designing and developing websites and other graphic design projects for over a decade.

In the constant search for self-improvement, he then took the leap back into the corporate world to immerse himself in the next threshold - presenting dynamic data. He honed his skills in back-end technologies like Node JS and MongoDB, building dynamic websites and rounding out his talents as a full stack developer. Having the unique combination of being able to not only design the website, but then build out both the front and backend of the web development, he knew it was time to open up shop again and thus The CreateDev was born.

And about the name.... being both a designer and developer he wanted to come up with a name that somehow captured those two concepts into one word. A portmanteau if you will. Hence Create and Dev became The CreateDev. And when you say it together it sounds like The Creative which is nerdtastic.

Our Other Passions

Gardening & Landscaping